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Transform Your Window With Power Washing

While it is possible to scrub a window with a brush, sponge and cleaning solution, a pressure washer can remove much more buildup in half the time. It is also environmentally safe; reputable power washing companies use 100% environmentally friendly solutions that can clean surfaces without damaging them.

Power washing windows is a job for professional Fairfax power washing company who have specialized equipment to ensure that all dirt and grime are removed from the surface. The process involves a number of safety precautions and understanding how different materials react to pressure washing so that the correct techniques are used. It is important to note that certain surfaces can be damaged by high-pressure water, including roofs, stucco and many types of wood. Using the right technique is essential to protect your home from damage and avoid warranty issues.

The process starts by preparing the area to be cleaned and removing any obstructions or furniture. Then the washer is connected and set to the optimum pressure. The washer must be kept at a distance of approximately 18 inches from the window. The spray is then applied in a sweeping motion, beginning at the top of the window and working down. It is important to rinse the window surface with clean water after each stroke. This will help to prevent soap residue and smudges.

After the windows have been washed, it is a good idea to wait a few minutes before drying them with a rag or towel. This will allow the dissolved debris to be fully flushed from the surface.

There are a variety of long-term benefits that can come with regularly cleaning your windows, including protecting your property’s most valuable asset and boosting curb appeal. It can also save you money on energy bills and protect your health by removing long-term pollutants that can be a serious threat to your wellbeing.

Regularly cleaning your windows can reduce your risk of disease, allergies and infection by removing dust, mold and mildew from the surface. It can also help to maintain the longevity of your windows, allowing you to enjoy them for longer.

The team at A Better View Inc. is trained in the proper use of pressure washing to avoid damages and achieve optimal results. We understand the importance of removing all contaminants from your window and are happy to offer our professional power washing services. Contact us today to learn more about how we can transform your window and improve the overall look of your home or business.