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A Step-By-Step Guide to Renovating Your Small Bathroom

If you’re looking to make a change in your bathroom, whether it’s for the sake of a more functional space or to update your home, this guide will provide you with everything you need to know about small bathroom renovation. The key is to be smart about the process so you can ensure it goes smoothly and meets your needs without breaking the bank.

Getting Started

Before you start any work, you need to plan out the layout of your bathroom. This way, you’ll be able to figure out how much space you need for different fixtures such as vanity, sink, shower or tub. Also, it’s a good idea to plan for any special equipment you may need for the job, like plumbing lines or electrical wiring.

Then, set up a budget and timeline for the project. You’ll need to estimate how long the work will take so you can factor in delays from restocking products, hiring home remodeling professional or adding on services.

Once you have a plan, it’s time to start buying materials. This will include tiles, cabinets and other items you need for your project.

It’s important to buy these items well in advance, so be sure to order them as soon as you can. They can take weeks to arrive, so be prepared for the wait and make plans ahead of time.

Getting the Walls Ready

To avoid damaging your walls and flooring during the bathroom remodeling process, it’s important to prepare them correctly. This will ensure they’re structurally sound and can withstand the wear and tear of heavy work. Before you begin to install the new walls, make sure to remove all old tile and flooring.

You’ll also need to install any drainage lines, if you have them. These can be cast iron, galvanized or plastic. Be aware that cast iron pipes need to be’snapped’, which requires a soil pipe cutter, which rents for $12 to $25 a day.

Choosing the Right Bathroom Layout

One of the most common mistakes people make when renovating their small bathrooms is not planning properly. This can cause you to end up with a mess and a bathroom that doesn’t function as well as it could.

When planning the layout of your bathroom, consider where you want to put the toilet and sink. Ideally, this should be in the center of the room. This will allow for the most convenient use of the space and ensure that you’ll have plenty of storage in the room.

If your bathroom is too small for a full-sized bathtub, you can still make the room feel bigger by installing a pedestal or wall-mounted sink. This will make the space more usable and give you plenty of space to store things, such as towels or toilet paper.

Painting the Walls

You can paint your walls a neutral color, such as white or beige, to help the space appear larger and more open. It’s a great DIY project that won’t cost much and can completely transform the look of your bathroom.

How Much Does it Cost to Build a House in Boise?

If you want to build a house in Boise, Idaho, you may be wondering how much it costs. The truth is that the cost of building a home varies based on the type of house you intend to build. You can expect to pay anywhere from $110,640 to $448,411 to have a new home built. In addition to the actual construction, you’ll need to consider a range of related expenses, including utilities, taxes, and transportation.

Unlike the past, where home building slowed down a bit, today’s real estate market is booming. With the right construction company, you’ll have a brand new home in no time. A new home is also far less costly than buying a pre-built model.

In addition to the cost of building a home, you’ll need to factor in the cost of lot and land. These fees add $250 to $1,000 to the overall project. Land prices are relatively cheap in Idaho. However, you’ll need to be savvy when it comes to finding the perfect lot and securing a good deal.

During the boom and bust of the past decade, many people left the construction industry. This led to a shortage of skilled workers, and a lack of available materials. Now, construction firms are paying higher wages to keep employees on the payroll.

As a result, the price of lumber has skyrocketed. In fact, the National Association of Home Builders estimates that a hike in lumber prices will add $24,000 to the average cost of a new house. Similarly, gas prices have risen to $4.09 per gallon. Combined with the rising cost of building materials, the cost of a new home in the Treasure Valley is more expensive than the average home in the country.

Other costs to consider when figuring out how much it costs to build a house in Boise, include permit fees, architect fees, and materials. For example, you’ll need to pay about $9,260 for a foundation, and about $14,00 for a roof. Plus, you’ll need to invest in rebar for basement construction and reinforcement for the basement walls. Another expense you’ll need to budget for is the cost of installing air conditioning. Adding in a central air conditioning system can add between $5,500 and $10,100, and installation costs can reach $2,200 to $9,800.

Using a professional to build your home is the smart way to go, and you can find a list of local custom home builder in Boise and their services on Build Idaho’s new construction page. Whether you’re looking to build a house in Boise, or somewhere else, hiring a professional will ensure that the process goes as smoothly as possible.

Of course, there are other factors to consider, such as the cost of upgrades. It’s worth the extra money to upgrade a kitchen or bathroom, or to have a finished basement built. Also, consider that your finished construction cost may be more than the original bid. That’s because you’ll need to renegotiate a contract, make changes to the house, and buy additional materials to ensure the project stays on schedule.

The Benefits of a Custom Cabinet

Custom cabinet makers use computerized machines and highly skilled carpenters to build high quality cabinets. Pre-fabricated cabinets typically use cheap wood substitutes that lack the natural beauty of real wood and cannot be refinished in the future. This means that custom cabinets are an investment that will last for years. But you have to make sure that your cabinetry will blend with your home’s decor and theme.

Custom cabinets are ideal for multipurpose rooms, and around appliances that don’t fit standard size cabinets. They can be built with glass or tin doors. You can choose to have them mounted on the floor or ceiling. These features make custom cabinets unique and will enhance the look of any home. It is important to choose the right cabinetmaker for the job, however, so you won’t regret spending extra money on your custom cabinetry.

Custom cabinets are more expensive than semi-custom cabinets, but their customization options are nearly unlimited. Semi-custom cabinetry comes with a set number of features, including size and shape. However, they still don’t offer the same level of functionality as a custom cabinet. Custom cabinets take a great deal of time and cost to complete.

Custom cabinets reflect your unique style and personality. However, the downside of custom cabinets is that they aren’t always available. It can take four to eight weeks to build a custom cabinet for a room, and then another one to have it installed. By contrast, stock cabinets are already built and sold at a local hardware store. However, a custom cabinet made by a good home remodeling company in Sacramento will be of the highest quality.

Custom cabinets also add value to your home. They will set your home apart from comparable homes in the neighborhood and represent a major upgrade. They also offer durability and optimum storage. A custom cabinet will be a long-term investment. It may increase the value of your home, allowing you to recoup your investment years later.

Solar Power Installation – What You Need to Know

If you want to install a solar power system on your home, you will need to have a reputable company to complete the job. A reputable company will have all the necessary credentials and meet state standards. You can read reviews online about the company and discuss previous installations with them. A company that has been around for several years is probably a good bet, and it should have hundreds of satisfied customers. Once your installation is completed, you will see significant cost savings within a few months.

You should have a roof inspection performed prior to solar power installation. You want to check the roof for damage and the proper ventilation. Several components of your roof should be inspected, such as underlayment, vents, and flashing. If you notice any damage or other problems with your roof, it is best to make repairs before installing solar panels on it. Otherwise, you may have to pay to get it replaced in the future, which can be expensive.

When you install solar panels, you need to have ample space. Depending on the size of your home, you can install solar panels on the roof or on the land surrounding your home. If your roof isn’t big enough, you can use a patio cover or trellis to mount your solar panels. You can also use a combination of ground solar panels and rooftop installations to meet your full energy needs. If you have an open roof and a large area, you can install both types of solar panels.

There are several types of mounting systems for your solar panels. The most common ones are rooftop mounts. While they are effective and can provide ample sunlight for your property, they are not suitable for properties that have a shaded roof or inefficient roofs. In addition, it is important to consider the angle of your roof and the slope. If you live in an area with low sunlight levels, you will want to consider a tracking mount for your solar panels.

The price of solar power installation will depend on your energy usage. Your solar installer will calculate the amount of solar panels you need based on the total energy usage you use each year. The cost of installing solar power panels depends on the number of batteries you will need, the type of panels you will purchase and the labor to install them. Once you’ve gotten a clear idea of the cost, you can start comparing solar panels with other types of energy systems.

A solar power installation can be used as a backup system during a blackout. In addition to providing a backup power source during blackouts, solar panels can be used to operate appliances. Some solar systems can also be connected to a grid system by using a grid inverter. This way, they can avoid feeding their electricity into the national grid. And if you’re looking to save money on your electricity bills, solar power installation may be the right option. For more details on solar power system installation visit

How to Build a Vinyl Panel Fence

Cleaning a vinyl fence is easy. Just wash it off to remove dirt, and you’re good to go. However, if there is a large hole, you may have to hire a professional to fix it for you. This is because vinyl fences are usually sold in large panels and are intended to look like individual wood pieces that are joined together. To replace a damaged section, you’ll likely need to replace the whole panel, which can be expensive and hard to find if the product is discontinued.

Building a vinyl fence is much easier than installing a wood fence, but there are some tools you’ll need, including brackets and nails. While it is possible to hire a contractor to install a wood fence, it’s not necessary. The cost is much lower than hiring a fence professional. Most vinyl fences are also easy to install because they come in prefabricated panels. Installing panels too close to one another is a common mistake, so measure carefully and use a level when installing them.

The material that makes up a vinyl fence is environmentally friendly, and the manufacturing process uses virtually no fossil fuels. Moreover, it releases only a small amount of carbon dioxide. Polyvinyl chloride, or PVC, is a synthetic polymer that is widely used in the building products industry. About three-quarters of all vinyl is used in building products. It is recyclable and can be reused. If you want a vinyl fence, be sure to check the ingredients and choose the right kind for your home.

Another major benefit of vinyl fences is that they don’t require painting or staining. Unlike wood, they won’t warp or crack. They’re also easy to clean. And because vinyl is not porous, it won’t scratch or fall victim to insects. Plus, they won’t fade. So you can get the fence of your dreams, without the hassle of spending thousands of dollars. So, what are you waiting for?

Before installing your vinyl fence, you should line up the posts properly. Putting them together without aligning them properly can be tricky. If you’re unsure of where to place a post, try to use a string line between the posts. Be sure to pull it taut so that you can use it as a guide when installing the middle posts. Then, fasten the panels to the posts. Then, you’re done!

While building regulations have changed over the years, vinyl’s look hasn’t. Vinyl fences now come in faux stone and wood grain options. The downside to vinyl is that it can’t be stained or painted, so you have to start over from scratch if you want to change the look of your fence. Wood fences, on the other hand, can be painted, or stained to suit your style and color, but the vinyl doesn’t accept stain. When you’re planning to build a fence for your home a reputable fence company in Markham such as Allen Fence Company can surely help you.

Another benefit of having a vinyl fence is that it is easy to maintain. While wood and metal fences need periodic painting and staining, vinyl requires only occasional cleaning. A hose-down with a mild detergent will remove most dirt and grime. If you want to clean your vinyl fence a little more frequently, simply use a soft-brist brush and a small amount of dish detergent.

Tips For High Quality Tile Installation

It’s important to plan the layout of your tiles before you start installing them. If you plan on putting tile in a crowded room, you may end up with a disaster on your hands. The following tips will help you plan your tile layout so that you don’t have to redo the entire floor or wall. Before starting, make sure to lay out the floor and walls first. This will ensure that you have the right tiles for the area.

Measure the area to be tiled. Most home renovation company will charge per square foot, so the bigger the area, the less the price per square foot. To calculate the amount of time to install, multiply the length by the width of the room. For example, a 10 foot by twelve foot room would be 120 square feet. It’s also good to estimate the area you’ll be tiling by a few percent. This will account for any broken tiles or oddly shaped cuts.

Consider the height of your subfloor and the height of adjacent floors. This will determine the type of underlayment use. Also, consider whether the tile installation will be exposed to heating. Be sure that the floor is clean, dry, and dust-free. A professional will be able to tell you the exact height and depth of your subfloor and the surrounding floors. You’ll also want to consider the color and design of your tile.

When choosing the right tile installation professional, it’s important to determine the amount of work you need to do. Typically, professionals charge by the square footage of the area that’s to be tiled. The more square feet you have to tile, the cheaper per square foot you’ll pay. To calculate the cost of tiling an area, multiply the length and width by two. A 10-foot by twelve foot room equals 120 square feet. When measuring the area to tile, remember to overestimate. This will allow for any broken tiles or unusual shaped cuts.

The most important step in a tile installation is preparing the subfloor. The subfloor is the foundation for the tile. It will support the weight of the tile. A concrete subfloor is an excellent choice. It’s important to note that a backer board can be used in certain situations. Ideally, the underlayment will be level. However, if it’s uneven, it’s best to hire a professional.

Before installing tiles, you should install underlayment. The underlayment is the layer underneath the tiles. It is placed on the ground, usually the ground. It comes in various thicknesses and types. Tape the joints between the boards to ensure they are secure. After you’ve installed the tile, you should grout it with grout. If the tiles are not attached properly, they can chip and crack. It is best to hire a professional to perform this task.

Three Reasons Why Vinyl Flooring Is a Good Choice

Vinyl flooring has many benefits, but is one of the most expensive flooring types on the market today. Because of this, many homeowners in the Northeast and other parts of the country have yet to discover its benefits, despite its low costs. Vinyl flooring installation is an excellent way to add aesthetic appeal to your home, at a low cost, while still maintaining durability and safety. The reasons why vinyl flooring may be right for you are enumerated below.

Installing vinyl floors can virtually eliminate hot spots, or places where the heat or cold air rises above the surface of the floor. Vinyl flooring experts in Northeast England say that because vinyl floors come in rolls similar to traditional wood flooring, “hot spots” are almost nonexistent. They say that because vinyl floors are able to flex and conform to the natural shape of your floor, it makes them ideal for use in rooms with high levels of activity, like those used by professional athletes and homeowners alike. In addition to helping keep your feet and legs from feeling hot in these areas, direct sunlight will not cause them to become sore from the exposure, either. With direct sunlight being kept out, your heating and cooling bills will skyrocket.

Many homes in the colder months have vinyl flooring installed in the attic. These floors are very durable because they are so dense or packed full of plastic. When temperatures drop, the floors remain cool, or if there is ice on the outside of the house, they will help hold in the heat and make sure that the inside temperatures stay nice enough to be comfortable. In addition to being extremely durable, the thick material of the vinyl flooring also means that your floors will be nearly impossible to dent or scratch. These floors are available in many different colors, styles, patterns, and materials, too, so you can match the design and color scheme of your home exactly the way you want it.

If your budget doesn’t allow for installing full-fledged vinyl flooring, you can choose to install laminate flooring instead. While vinyl flooring has all of the durability and low-maintenance features, laminate flooring doesn’t sacrifice style for the durability. This type of flooring can be installed over a subfloor, making cleaning a breeze. No matter what your cleaning habits may be, you can trust that your laminate flooring will be clean and low maintenance at the same time. Even with the laminate flooring, you can expect your floors to show wear and tear far less frequently than the traditional types of floors.

Finally, many homeowners turn to linoleum for the low-maintenance and durability they desire, but they may want to give it a chance before trying it out. The installation process of vinyl floors can be a hassle compared to linoleum. For one thing, the vinyl floors have to be cut and installed by professional installers, which can take time and cost. Furthermore, if homeowners decide to do the installation themselves, the vinyl floors can be more difficult to work with since it’s so smooth and slick.

No matter which type of flooring you choose, there are a number of positive benefits to vinyl flooring. Because the floors are easy to install, clean, and maintain, many homeowners find that vinyl flooring is an ideal choice. When it comes to the advantages of this type of flooring, nothing compares to direct sunlight. For more info on flooring visit

Bathroom Builders – How to Save Money on Your Next Bathroom Remodeling

If you are interested in making your house more attractive then why not consider a full bathroom remodeling project? This can be done on your own or by getting a little help. It will take some time but in the end you will have a great looking bathroom that you can enjoy when you take a bath. Here are some things to keep in mind when planning for your remodeling:

Bathroom Remodeling


Typical bathroom remodeling project cost in Tacoma: $4,900 (average partial bathroom remodeling total budget): An average example of such a project would include replacing the shower, sink, vanity, a few tiles, and even repainting. Average bathroom remodeling spending in Tacoma (fully-planned bathroom remodeling total budget): Remodeling an entire bathroom can be very expensive. A good way to cut down on your expenses is by doing it yourself and using only trusted sources for quality fixtures and supplies. Keep in mind however, that if you want to do the project yourself then be sure to get some help.


Finding a trusted general contractor: For any type of major construction project you are better off getting professional assistance. Even for something as simple as a bathroom remodeling, you want someone reliable. Talk to friends and family and check out the contractors in your area for recommendations. When you find a general contractor that you think you might want to use for your bathroom remodeling project ask for some references. This will give you an idea of the quality of work they provide as well as how satisfied their past clients have been.


Choosing quality materials: A major part of any bathroom remodeling job is choosing high quality materials for the remodel. This will make it last longer and will keep you from having to do maintenance work like regular stain removal and sealing. Most of the time people spend the majority of their time in the bathroom so it makes sense that you want your cabinetry and hardware to be durable and stylish. Ask for referrals or research the company online before you make a purchase.


Finding quality fixtures: Another great way to save money when it comes to your bathroom remodeling is to do it yourself instead of hiring a general contractor. This is especially important if your plan is to replace the outdated hardware yourself. Most fixtures and accessories like faucets, toilets, tubs, showers, etc. can easily be found at your local home improvement store.


Getting some help: If you decide to remodel on your own, there are a lot of things you can do to save money. If you have never done a bathroom remodeling before, it is a good idea to get some help. Friends and family members who have had experiences like yours can give you pointers about what to do and can even refer you to good contractors and suppliers of materials and supplies. When you ask your friends for referrals, you may get more than one referral which will ultimately help you save a ton of money.

Bathtub Replacement and Remodeling Ideas

Bathtub Replacement

For anyone who wants to renovate or replace his/her bathtub, it is essential to find the right company for the job. Portland, Oregon bathtub replacement has become easier and faster than ever because of the number of companies offering their quality products at competitive prices. With outstanding variety of bathtub accessories, fixtures, and more, having the perfect products you need to add functionality and value to your house s bath is no problem these days. Best of all, the expert team working with qualified technicians can minimize the effect of a bathtub replacement in your busy everyday life by having it installed within as little as just one day.


There are several reasons why an old bathtub may look unsuitable for the modern bathroom: it is dirty, it is cracked, or simply just looks old. This situation will not only affect the look of your bathroom, but also its functionality. Bathtub replacement is a practical solution for this situation since it can totally revamp the look of your bathroom and at the same time make sure that a well-maintained and useful bathtub is always available for use whenever you feel the need to relax and unwind. With an expertly installed bathtub replacement, your bathroom will be transformed into a spa without ever compromising the safety and cleanliness of your bathroom.


Besides aesthetic considerations, there are practical issues when deciding on a bathtub replacement. Some homeowners don’t want to pay for an entirely new bathtub just to get a bathtub that is made to resist leaks or stains. The installation cost of a new bathtub may actually exceed the cost of your old one. A better option would be to replace just the part you absolutely cannot live without: the bathtub surround.


Most homeowners who are planning to do a bathtub replacement or remodeling are faced with a few important decisions. One of them is choosing the type of material to use for their bathroom’s surround. The most popular material for surrounds today is marble or granite. These materials come in different colors and sizes, so you have a lot of options to choose from. You can also personalize your surround by adding decorations or creating an edgy and unique design that fits your bathroom’s design.


Another important decision you need to make is choosing the style of your new bathtub replacement. If you’re replacing an old tub type that was made out of porcelain or fiberglass, the most popular style choices are contemporary, modern, or Victorian. However, there are still plenty of styles to choose from. For example, you have choices between an old-fashioned claw foot style, a modern tub design, and even ceramic tile. Deciding on the style depends on your personal preference and your budget as well.


No matter what your ultimate choice for a bathtub replacement or remodel is, you have a lot of room for creativity. For example, if you’re tired of the traditional rectangular shape, you have plenty of other options. Some homeowners love the vintage look, while some would rather go with a Victorian design. There are even bathtubs that are made to look like they’re made out of wood, giving your bathroom an elegant, woodsy feel. Whatever you love about the look of your bathroom, you’re sure to find the perfect piece to replace your old tub.

Remodeling Your Kitchen- Things to Remember

Are you tired of the old look of your kitchen? Are you looking for kitchen remodeling ideas? You certainly aren’t alone. Thousands of people like you, all searching for unique kitchen design ideas to bring out the best in their kitchens. There’s no need to despair, because there is in fact an easy way to remodel your kitchen – it just takes a little imagination.

There are several ways to remodel your kitchen, but the most common kitchen remodeling style is to go with a custom kitchen remodel. Custom kitchen remodeling is when you take the time to design, remodel, and construct a kitchen to your individual specifications. You can choose everything from the color and materials to the layout and appliances. If you are tired of your old kitchen and are ready to take it to the next level, this may be an option for you.

The kitchen remodeling process begins with a new kitchen design experts will visit your home. They will evaluate your current kitchen and discuss what you would like to do with your space. If you decide to go with a custom kitchen remodel, your kitchen designers will design and create a plan to fit your kitchen with modern appliances and countertops while incorporating the unique aspects of your home design. Kitchen remodeling specialists know how to give your kitchen a unique look while using the highest quality materials.

The kitchen design experts will also work with you to determine how much money you have to spend. The goal of custom kitchen remodeling is to save money while giving your kitchen a new look. They can create a plan that will fit into your budget while providing you with the best service. Most kitchen remodeling companies offer free estimates for their work. This allows you to put in a personal estimate as well as a rough estimate for the entire project so that you will know what the cost will actually be.

Other common remodeling projects include bathroom remodeling. If your kitchen or bathroom is in need of an upgrade, consider installing new flooring and new countertops. When remodeling a bathroom, it is important to hire a remodeling company that has experience with bathroom remodeling so that they can ensure that the job will be done properly. A kitchen remodeling company in Los Angeles that also remodeling a house’s bath, and toilets will be well-versed with all the latest trends in bathroom remodeling so that you will have the most success with your remodel.

Remodeling your kitchen can be a fun and exciting project. If you have an idea of how much you want to spend on a kitchen renovation, you will have a better chance of finding a kitchen design, company, and contractor that will work with you to create a kitchen that you love. Kitchen Remodeling should not be stressful or difficult. There are plenty of great companies out there who offer expert service with a wide range of options for your kitchen. Get ready to reimagine your kitchen today.