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Why Should You Use Tax Attorney’s Services?

Why should you be using a Florida Tax attorneys? professional tax attorneys have been serving the community in the region for over 100 years giving tax advice & tax relief in Florida. they offer a unique onboarding system to quickly identify your financial goals, so will accurately address your tax issues quickly. Each year they are rated by The Association of Certified Tax Practitioners (TATP) for their ability to assist clients with their taxes. They are also rated by the National Tax Debt Coordinators (NTCD) for their effectiveness and responsiveness in representing their clients.


Tax Attorney Services is a full service firm that strives to maintain an excellent reputation and long-standing relationship with their local, state, federal and global clients. Certified Tax Practitioner (CTP) certification is required for all attorneys. They strive to uphold the high standards of excellence and client orientation that have made them one of the best firms for tax relief professionals in the area. Tax Attorney Services has also created a unique system to help relieve the stress of compromise, debt collection and other important legal issues.


The majority of tax problems will not warrant a TATP certification but for those that do there are several additional benefits associated with becoming a certified Tax Attorney. Tax attorneys are able to resolve most tax problems through a thorough analysis of the problem, with an emphasis on the individual’s personal financial situation. They are also skilled at handling issues that may arise from a compromise agreement between the IRS and the client. This often involves an audit that will lead to a determination of reasonable penalties for past-due accounts.


Tax attorneys in Florida are very experienced at defending clients who have become entangled in financial problems due to the tax controversy. They are very skilled at representing the interests of their client and working closely with the IRS to resolve outstanding tax issues. Tax Attorney Services in Wichita and throughout Florida deal with all types of tax issues and help to resolve them through effective communication and negotiation. Many times they are even able to negotiate resolution of the penalty abatement issue, resolving the issue by lowering the liability so that the client is not required to pay the full amount. Tax Attorney Services in Florida and throughout Florida can advise their clients about any other issues that may require professional attention.


Tax Attorney Services in Florida and throughout Florida offers their clients extensive knowledge and understanding of tax laws, including all Federal, State and local tax codes. These tax laws can make the difference between success and failure when attempting to resolve an issue with the IRS. Tax attorneys will evaluate each tax issue in terms of its potential for recovery, recommending the most efficient method of action. Some common options include: Offer in Compromise (OIC); Installment Agreement (IIA); and Installment Agreements with Direct Credit. All of these methods can be accomplished through the assistance of a tax attorney.


Many tax attorneys in Florida and throughout Florida also provide limited warranty or limited loss audit representation. Limited warranty audit representation provides their clients the assurance that they will receive a settlement or resolution of their financial hardship case. In many cases, a limited warranty audit represents an effort to settle the current tax debt without the necessity of an appeal. As part of their limited warranty representation, a tax attorney will: Hardship Settlement; Compromise with the IRS; and Recommend an assignment of the case to a professional arbitrator.